Lo Herma, Wyoming.

GTI holds 100% of ~8,000 acres (~3,500 hectares) over a group of strategically located mineral lode claims (Claims) highly prospective for sandstone hosted uranium. The Lo Herma Project (Lo Herma) is located in Converse County, Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

The project lies approximately ~15 miles north of Glenrock and within ~50 miles of 5 permitted ISR uranium production facilities & several satellite ISR uranium deposits. These facilities include UEC’s Willow Creek (Irigaray & Reno creek) ISR plant, Cameco’s Smith & Hyland Ranch ISR plants and Nichols Ranch ISR plant owned by Energy Fuels Inc. The Powder River Basin has an extensive ISR uranium production history and has been the backbone of the Wyoming uranium production business since the 1970s.


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