GTI Secures Significant New Uranium Project In Wyoming, 10 Miles From Cameco’s Smith Ranch-Highland ISR Uranium Facility.


  • Significant mineral claims secured via staking of ~8,000 acres in Wyoming’s
    prolific Powder River Basin, ISR uranium district.
  • Claims located within 10 miles of Cameco’s Smith Ranch-Highland ISR
    uranium production plant – the largest production site in Wyoming.
  • Located in proximity to 5 permitted ISR uranium production facilities &
    several satellite uranium deposits, all within ~50 miles.
  • Cameco’s president and CEO said demand for nuclear power is driving the
    “best fundamentals ever seen” for the nuclear fuel market.
“We are extremely excited about the potential of the newly staked Lo Herma property in 
Wyoming’s Powder River Basin. The project is located in Wyoming’s most prolific production 
district within 10 miles of Wyoming’s largest ISR uranium production site at Cameco’s 
Smith Ranch-Highland. We believe that Lo Herma has the potential to become a significant 
asset for GTI as we continue to build and diversify our Wyoming uranium portfolio.”

Bruce Lane
Executive Director

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