Shareholder Rights Issue –
Attention Required

150,548,357 Shares on a 1 for 10 basis at an issue price of $0.009 per Share

There will be 1 free attaching GTRO listed option1 for every 2 Shares subscribed (Entitlements Offer Option) (Entitlements Offer or Offer).

To have any chance of securing your eligibility for the rights issue you must have holdings in your name by the record date of 23/03/2023.

1GTRO listed options are exercisable at $0.03 expiring 20 October 2024

Claim your entitlement

GTI Energy Ltd (GTI or Company) is pleased to advise that existing shareholders, on the record date, will be offered the opportunity to participate in a non-renounceable pro-rata rights entitlement offer. A physical copy of each shareholders personalised offer will be posted to their registered address.

Shareholders personalised offer will only be available from the Offer Opening Date/Time (9am on 28th March) by logging into their holding via the Automic website.

You can access your entitlement online by registering with Automic via the link below.