Leading ESG disclosure technology.

To track our disclosure progress and demonstrate our sustainability performance against the WEF ESG framework we have utilised a disclosure platform called ESG Go, designed by global leaders in impact management software, Socialsuite. Our ESG progress and disclosures are captured under the four pillars of the WEF ESG framework: Governance, Planet, People, and Prosperity. The ESG Go dashboard compares our starting point Baseline Dashboard with a current Dashboard and the change between each period highlights areas of progress and where disclosures have been made. Progress reports are made in the ESG section on our website.

Progress towards Carbon Neutrality in the 2021 fiscal year.

Whilst GTI’s efforts to define economically viable ISR uranium resources has the potential to create inherent positive climate impact, the adoption of the WEF framework is already paying additional ESG dividends. GTI is now actively pursuing a plan to offset its own operational carbon emissions and has moved to increase its commitment to establishing low environmental impact ISR amenable uranium assets in Wyoming, USA. In conjunction with its ESG monitoring and reporting initiative GTI has identified the opportunity to become operationally carbon neutral. GTI see this initiative as key within its program of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) related initiatives.

GTI has evaluated options to offset carbon emissions both from its current drilling program in Wyoming and the ongoing day to day operations of the Company. This evaluation has concluded that the most effective way to offset these emissions is via the acquisition and eventual retirement of Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s or Carbon Credits). To this end, the Company has acquired 450 Carbon Credits from the Nyaliga Fire Project which was registered as an eligible offset project in 2017 by Nyaliga Aboriginal Corporation and is based in the East Kimberley of Western Australia. The number of Nyaliga Fire Project ACCUs’ purchased was based on an internally generated, uncertified, estimate of GTI’s carbon emissions over the 2 years commencing June 30, 2021.

The Company has started the process of becoming Climate Active Certified and hopes to be in a position during 2022/23 to be able to accurately report its carbon emissions and therefore to retire sufficient credits to offset these emissions. The Company is also working to identify potential operational carbon emissions abatement opportunities that may help offset GTI’s future carbon emissions.

Image: ESG Go’s 21 core & 34 expanded stakeholder capitalism metrics and disclosures, which the WEF recommends.

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